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Dear friends and supporters of AROAD [ African Rural Outreach and Development ]

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Happy New Year.

We want to send you a quick note to say "THANK YOU " for your generous support and constant prayer during 2021. Because of you, our teachers and staff have remained at Hope Primary School through this pandemic [ because we continued to support them ....with your help ] and now since the Ugandan government allowed schools to open again, we are up and running with approx. 150 students and all of our teachers and staff. Many schools throughout the country are struggling to open again and re-employ their teachers. We saw the need of our staff and teachers and kept them partially paid while we waited for schools to open again. We knew we liked our team at Hope Primary School and their needs and wanted to remain loyal to them.....and now it has paid off. Hope Primary School is up and running again.

We can not wait to see what God is going to do through Hope Primary School, their students and families that are being impacted by this education and the gospel of Jesus Christ. This could be our best year ever. The students are excited to be back in school. They have healthcare, food, clothing, education and the love of the Lord to guide them in their scholastic formative years. They now have real options for help, hope and growth in a country that needs it.

This past year, despite the seismic disruption of the pandemic, AROAD is continuing to develop a strategy that will offer great resilience and persistence to bring hope and education through books, agricultural skills and animal husbandry to the villages and families in the Rakai District of Uganda.

We are writing you with great anticipation for what is to come.....the dawn of a new year is always a good time to have hope and to dream. As 2022 is started, we want to take time to to inform you of a tremendous opportunity we see for AROAD.

Please join us for our.....Spring Ministry Update / Fund Raising / Pledge Drive . Due to some continued Covid / Pandemic restrictions and our desire to have everyone stay comfortable and safe - we are going to be holding a Spring Update by conference call.

We will be prepared to share with you all, on this conference call, the ministry update and to take some questions about your concerns on our website, Hope Primary School, the country of Uganda, Richard Kabazzi [ our founding director ], the teachers, staff and students at Hope Primary School, the village churches and the fish hatchery.

We are hoping and praying that with more information, you will see the need, see the progress and see the hope we have in this vital ministry in Uganda. And of course make a contribution / pledge that night, by check through the mail or by PAYPAL. Our goal is to raise $21,000.00, the much needed funds to sustain the ministry through 2022.

Please join us and ask any of your friends or family to join us, as well. We are excited to share with you this update and meet you [ by phone ]. Our prayer is that before 2022 is over; we will be having an "in person" fund raising event again. But for now, this will have to do.

Please pray with us. Please mark your calendars for this all important phone call opportunity. Looking forward to speaking with you all on April 26th.

Looking forward to talking together soon

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